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Surftech Surfboard Sales and Discounts

At the moment you can save on 1 Surftech Surfboards, from a maximum of around 25% for the Surftech Xanadu Gipos Ultraflex 5ft 8 at Shore to 25% for the Surftech Xanadu Gipos Ultraflex 5ft 8 at Shore. The top discounts will give you an average 25% off (that's about £128).

Surftech Surfboards - History and Design

Innovation and passion are the watchwords of Surftech. Founded in 1989 by top shaper Randy French, the company is currently one of the largest producers of surfboards in the world. Combining Randy's shaping expertise with advanced technological processes, the Surftech range of boards is renowned for its top quality.

It could be said that Randy French and Surftech changed the surfboard industry forever with the initial boards they produced at the very beginning. These wood veneer models were classically elegant, yet managed to be much lighter and more durable than many other boards around at the time. It was not long before a queue of legendary shapers had formed to partner with Surftech, a group which included the likes of Reynolds Yater, Robert August and Donald Takayama.

The patented Tuflite technology used by Surftech in the production of their boards has attracted many of the world's top riders to test them out. Dino Miranda has been with Surftech since the very start and other top names who have ridden Surftech boards include Owen Wright, Shane Dorian, Tom Carroll, Tyler Smith and Pete Mel. Receiving feedback from top surfers such as this allows Surftech to continue to innovate and evolve. The models within the Surftech range include hybrids, longboards, shortboards, soft boards, retro and fish.

The company name of Surftech is certainly very apt. Everybody involved with the company has a deep passion for surfing and is continually looking to push the boundaries in terms of surfboard technology. This is borne out by the fact that one of the company mantras is Experiment, Evolve, Play Hard. The company location of Santa Cruz, California certainly helps with the 'play hard' part of that mantra too, being the perfect place to test the latest boards in the range.