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Surfing destinations in Australia

Most famous surfing destinations - Australia

Snapper Rocks, Queensland

Australia is one of the world's premier surfing destinations and many of the country's greatest and most iconic surf spots are located along the Gold Coast. Located at Rainbow Bay, this sand bottom point break is the home of the legendary Super Bank. This world-famous crest is regarded by many surfing experts as the longest, most consistent and also most hollow wave to be found anywhere in the world. A number of top-class international surfing events are held here, including the Rip Curl Masters, the MP Classic and the Roxy Pro. Snapper Rocks also happens to be the favourite surfing spot of world champions Joel Parkinson and Mick Fanning.

Bells Beach, Victoria

This iconic destination is regarded by many as being the home of Australian surfing, in a spiritual sense and in a historic context. Australia's longest running and most prestigious international surfing event, the Rip Curl Pro, is held here annually. Southern Ocean swells produce outstanding surf here that has the capability of reaching heights in excess of five metres. Needless to say, when conditions get like this, it is best to leave it to the pros!

Byron Bay, New South Wales

The town of Byron Bay itself is very popular with visitors from Europe, due to its laid-back atmosphere and easy-going charm. The stretch of coast here takes in a number of top surfing spots, including Angourie, which is the home of one of the great Australian surfing legends, Nat Young. The right-hand point break at Lennox Head is considered one of the finest waves in the whole of Australia. Byron Bay also has shark nets in use, so surfers can relax safe in the knowledge that they are protected from potential shark attacks.

Bondi Beach, Sydney

Not just a top surfing spot, Bondi is probably the most famous beach in the world full stop. Ask anyone to name a beach off the top of their head and the answer you are given will more than likely be Bondi. The variety of waves here makes Bondi Beach an ideal spot for beginners. Indeed, many people who are new to surfing decide to learn the craft at Bondi. For the more experienced surfers, South Bondi is the spot of choice, due to the powerful right-handers which unfurl over the rocky reef. South Bondi is most definitely the place for shortboards.

Margaret River Valley, Western Australia

When most people think of Margaret River Valley, the first thing that comes to mind is probably wine. However, this famous wine producing region of Australia is also renowned for its surf. Yallingup is considered by many to the finest all-round surfing destination on the west coast, with breaks that can range from mildly innocuous to absolutely monstrous. Just south of Yallingup, Prevelly Park is where only the experienced and the very brave ride. This is due to the huge swells which can reach over six metres in height and the decidedly treacherous offshore reef.