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There are 1 NSP Surfboards for sale showing at the moment, with the percentage saved ranging from 16% for the NSP Fun Surfboard - 7'2" Yellow to 16% for the NSP Fun Surfboard - 7'2" Yellow, giving actual savings of between £60 and £60. The top reductions give an average 16% off.

NSP Surfboards - One of the world's favourite surf brands

The fact that no matter where you are in the world you are not too far away from an authorised dealer of NSP surf products is a huge compliment to the quality and popularity of this famous manufacturer. Standing for New Surf Project, the NSP name is synonymous with quality and reliability, producing high quality boards that remain excellent value for money. The durability of NSP boards is almost unmatched, ensuring that the product will withstand the very toughest of treatment, while providing the very best surfing experience.

Each board in the New Surf Project product output comes in a variety of lengths, width and thickness in order to cater for as wide a range of abilities as possible. From the newest of rookie surfers to the most advanced expert, there is sure to be something in the NSP range to suit. There are a total of seven categories in the NSP range, namely shortboards, longboards, fish, funboards, groms, stand-up surfboards and surfbetty.

NSP boards are manufactured utilising the pioneering EZ epoxy technology. The combination of multiple layers of epoxy and fibreglass, reinforced with a TopSheet, ensures that each board is highly resistant to possible cracking or splintering if impacted on a hard object. This is one of the reasons that NSP surfboards remain popular with beginners, as it is they who are most prone to surfing accidents.

Although as a company NSP may not have as exciting a backdrop story as some other companies within the industry, there can be no denying the quality and massive popularity of their product range. This is particularly true for those who are new to surfing, as the much of the New Surf Project range is geared towards the rookie surfer and the instructors who teach them.