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JS Surfboard Sales and Discounts

At the moment you can save on 7 JS Surfboards, from a maximum of around 10% for the Js 107 Surfboard 5ft 10 Clear at Shore to 10% for the Js 107 Surfboard 5ft 10 Clear at Shore. The top discounts will give you an average 10% off (that's about £54).


Surfboards with 10-20% discount Show offers for sale

In this mid-range of discount JS surfboards you can find deals on for instance the Js 107 Surfboard 5ft 10 Clear on sale at £494.99 and the Js Revolution 2 Pu Surfboard 5ft 10 Clear on sale at £494.99, saving £55. There's a total of around 7 deals available.


Mid priced surfboards Show offers for sale

The mid-range of surfboards features discounts between 10% and 10% with for instance the Js 107 Surfboard 5ft 10 Clear reduced by £55 and you can get £54.6 off the Js Dropped Swallow Surfboard 5ft 6 Clear.

If you're looking for short surfboards for sale there are around 7 offers, such as 10% off the Js 107 Surfboard 5ft 10 Clear.


Short surfboards Show offers for sale

If you are looking for a JS short surfboard discount, there are 7 offers at the moment including 10% off the Js 107 Surfboard 5ft 10 Clear, saving £55 and around £54.6 taken off the Js Dropped Swallow Surfboard 5ft 6 Clear, now on sale at £491.39.

JS Surfboards - Background and Designs

Based in Australia, JS Surfboards is one of the most respected names in the industry. Famed for their performance boards, JS was founded by top shaper and rider Jason Stevenson. JS boards are known for the iconic Traktor logo which adorns them. According to Jason, this was inspired by the fact that his father used to drive one. Jason's favourite mode of transport is obviously a little quicker than that of his father!

The team of professional riders which JS Surfboards has assembled is certainly testament to the high quality boards they produce. When a team includes two former world champions - Joel Parkinson from 2012 and legendary veteran Mark Occhilupo from 1999 - you just know that JS is the real deal when it comes to performance boards. Indeed, over the years, JS boards have been under the feet of no less than four world champions and countless other top contenders.

The Performer Series of boards perhaps best defines the JS legacy. Ridden by many of the world's top surfers, they are the pinnacle of performance equipment. Don't worry, you don't have to be a world championship contender to ride one of the Performance Series but is does help if you are confident in your abilities.

The JS X Series has been designed with versatility very much in mind. These boards are suited to the average day to day conditions that most everyday surfers face. The X Series makes paddling easier and allows riders to enjoy a bit of glide yet still be able to lay a heavy turn. Finally, the Summer Series consists of boards which perform in the worst of conditions. If the surf is looking decidedly average, then a board from the JS Summer Series will step up to the plate and offer top-notch performance and speed.